It is the year 2073X.


After the invention of CRYONIC REALITY (CR) by EDEN Association, world leaders chose to discontinue the counting of time in 2073 and proclaimed the final year 2073X. CR is a virtual world of utopia that people can access to escape the bleak reality. To enter CR, users step into CRYOPODS to freeze their bodies. Therefore, the aging process of the human body is stopped while social life continues in the virtual world providing an almost endless life.


Access to the CR is controlled by EDEN. CRYONISTS can rent time in CR-stores. However, due to the high cost, CR remains an almost unattainable goal for many to work towards their entire lives.

Originally, the CR was developed by EDEN with the goal of creating enough time and preserving brilliant minds to be able to stop the decay of the earth in the long run. It also found application in the fields of politics, science, medicine and psychology. However, with the 2073 opening of the CR to the masses, a moral decay took place in this virtual world. The CR became a place of rampant excess.


NEOSHIN is a new virtual band performing in CR. Their shows are described as mind-altering experiences. However, no one has ever succeeded in linking their avatars to physical bodies in the real world.


Director. Editor. Band: Sebastian Selg 

Co-director. Technical Director: Ramon Schauer 

Production Company: Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg

Producer: Jiayan Chen 

Writer. Band. Music Producer: Roman Schneider 

Animation Supervisor. Lead Actress: Bea Höller 

Director Of Photography: Christoph Bockisch 

Assistant Camera: Philip Ratuschny 

Key Grip: Paul Sonntag 

Gaffer: Sina Blume 

Mask Engineer: Jan Fiess 

Colorist: Julian Niesner

Photographer: Claus Morgenstern 

Sound Design: Stefan Erschig

Aimation: Nina Fischer, Lara Bergs, Sabrina Jollat, Merlin Bader, Christopher Schmier, Elena Heller, Till Sander-Titgemeyer, Sandra Hahn, Alina Olenberger, Celina Brandes, Paulo Morato Scatena, Leance Volschenk, Wasim S. Shaikh, Rebecca Rubeli

Motion Capture Extra: Milena Aboyan, Philipp Braun, Kai Effinger, Sebastian Kraus, Mariia Prokopenko, Martin Egger, Vincent Suttner, Damaris Zielke, Timo Willman, Mila Lyutskanova, Molly Moody, Lou Strenger, Jaime Armando de Lara Cruz, Zuzanna Pulawska, Deborah Maria de Lorenzo 

Body Model: Delia Boettcher 

Scanning Operator [NC3D]: Daria Varfolomeeva 

CFX Artist: Tristan Sander Lieske, Wunna Winter, Elias Kremer, Ramon Schauer

FX Artist: Niklas Wolff, Lucas Bruchhage, Manuel Koester

Lighting: Sebastian Selg, Ramon Schauer

Compositing: Sebastian Selg, Mario Bertsch, Lukas Löffler, Ulisse Dickmann

Logo Design: Nishe


Special Thanks: Simon Spielmann, Jonas Trottnow, Paulo Morato Scatena, Kerstin Arnold, Harald Dieterichs, Norbert Kull, Boris Kratev, Emil Pfeifer, Juri Stanossek, Jan Burda, Dennis Müller, Arvid Schneider, Michael Aerni, Tanja Krampfert, Krzysztof Rost, Tonio Freitag, Heiko Burkardsmaier, Mariia Prokopenko, York v. Sydow, Martin Egger, Frank Junghans, Julian Grimm, Thilo Strack


Additional Art by Imagestorm

Scanning done at NC3D 

Virtual Production Studio by Rent Event Tec GmbH // LED CAVE

Guitars manufactured by AVIATOR Guitars

Supported by ACCENTURE SONG VFX, former "Mackevision"


© Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg [2021]