The concept of STAGE TAPES is simple and can be quickly explained by the name already. We offer (especially young and new) bands to film their live performances at the Summer Breeze 2022 from several perspectives (up to 3 different camera angles) and provide them with raw footage for relatively little money. The footage is produced under the supervision of LIGHTUP Productions by members of the Summer Breeze Media team. The big advantage for the bands is that we don't sell them a complex and expensive edit, but that we upload the raw footage on the same day for your own editing procedure. This way, the bands get professional footage of their performance, shot on high-quality cameras by experienced film professionals, for a reasonable price. 


The price for a STAGE TAPE is calculated according to the number of songs booked. The principle of first come first serve shall be applied. Bands can request a STAGE TAPE, acceptance is via STAGE TAPES after we have matched our schedule. We expressly undertake that STAGE TAPES will not get in the way of the daily-recaps or the aftermovie production.


+ 1 Song (max 7 minutes, otherwise it counts as 2 songs)
+ 2 moving angles

EUR€ 200,-



+ 1 Song (max 7 minutes, otherwise it counts as 2 songs)
+ 3 moving angles

EUR€ 250,-




+ Any further song directly followed after a recorded song

+ 2 or 3 angles, depending on package

EUR€ 100,-



* Recording Codec: Blackmagic RAW4K or ProRes 422 HQ 4K

* Please note that we charge you our administration fees if you have booked a STAGE TAPE and change your mind at short notice. In this case we charge a flat fee of EUR€ 50,-
* Only straight out of the camera audio recording. Audio Tracks are supposed to be applied in post production by the band


We believe that the concept of STAGE TAPES will create a „win-win-win“ situation for bands, Summer Breeze itself and its Media Team: It allows young bands to release professional videos for little money, which will also bring immense marketing potential for the Summer Breeze brand, as we deliver certain good quality video footage. In addition, Summer Breeze can offer its bands an „in-house service“ of affordable „Summer Breeze Stage Tapes“. Finally, we as a metal music loving Stage Tapes Team are proud to support bands in their promotion and documentation.

We make it a condition that we are entitled to use the footage for the aftermovie and the daily-recabs of Summer Breeze only. We will also pay Summer Breeze royalties of 7,5% per stage tape sold. In this context, we guarantee that we will always place the stage logos clearly visible in the videos so that they can be shown by the bands in the edit. The use of the broadband internet for uploading and the provision of the infrastructure for STAGE TAPES shall be compensated by this. We also make it clear to Summer Breeze that the bands are obliged by the internal work contract with LIGHTUP Productions to place the Summer Breeze logo in their release.